Mobile Notary Services

For Estate Planning Attorneys

As an estate planning attorney are you tired of scheduling notary appointments, coordinating travel, and waiting for signatures to move your cases forward?

As a Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent (CNTDA) we specialize in assisting estate planning attorneys because we understand the importance of efficiency and flexibility in your practice.  

A CNTDA is a credentialed notary that has undergone advanced training and testing to better serve the public and estate planning professionals in the skillful presentation and execution of trust documents.  Being certified as a trust delivery agent is NOT required to do this work.  But just because any notary could do this work doesn’t mean every notary should do this work.

 That’s why we offer:

Estate Planning Notary Services

  • Convenient, On-Site Notary Services:
    We travel to your clients’ homes, offices, hospitals, or nursing homes, ensuring their comfort and convenience.
  • Expertise in Estate Planning Documents:
    We are familiar with the specific notarization requirements for wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents.
  • Professional and Reliable Service:
    We are bonded, insured, and committed to exceeding your expectations.
  • Flexible Scheduling:
    We work around your busy schedule to ensure your clients can sign their documents at their earliest convenience.
  • Competitive Rates:
    We offer competitive pricing for our mobile notary services.


Here’s how we can benefit you and your practice:

Save valuable time and resources:
Eliminate the need to schedule appointments, travel to different locations, and wait for signatures.

Enhance client satisfaction:
Offer your clients a convenient and stress-free signing experience.

Increase efficiency:
Move your cases forward faster and more efficiently.

CJR Mobile Notary Services is committed to providing you with the reliable and efficient mobile notary services you need to streamline your estate planning practice.   Servicing the SWFL communities of Lee, Charlotte, Collier and Hendry Counties

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CJR Mobile Notary Services makes available a complimentary, no-obligation 1-hour informative webinar hosted by Premier Estate Planning to empower you with the knowledge to understand the importance of creating a living trust by honoring your wishes in the event of incapacitation or death.  

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